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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Quatre Bras

Saturday evening I wandered down the hill to Steve's (Marshal Neigh) with C&C Napoleonics tucked under my arm.
Only two battles left to play, we had thought to finish them both. Things did not work out that way...

After the obligatory chorus of "La Marsielles", assorted trash talking and pouring of beers (French beer in honour of the occasion) we set up the battle of Quatre Bras.

Initial view from Allied position.

After many experiences with the French artillery and Neighs dice rolling, I decided to fall back from the central area of high ground. I still think this was a sound plan but as it happened my despicable opponent had been forming a cunning plan.
With some minor skirmishes developing on both flanks the French launched a massive assault towards Quatre Bras. The Dutch contingent of the allied army collapsed under the pressure.
With victory conditions of nine banners, this put the French on 8points.
Neigh was on the verge of a heroic victory.
At this critical point the allies had to throw everything into an attempt to retake the town.
Cue the Grenadier Guards. Cold hard steel and raw courage, they charged into the town and in a vicious street to street battle ejected the frogs!
All Steve could say.... "Whats French for Merde?"
Although it took another few turns for the allies to gain the last victory banner that they needed to win, the French had expended their reserves of valour and had no way back into the game.
Final score 7-9 Allied victory.

This battle was the hardest fought yet! With no obvious mistakes by either side, it took us three hours to reach the deciding points. Absolutely terrific stuff that leaves us both anxious to play the last game, Waterloo. A two point advantage to the French should make it exciting.
Steve is off to visit some World War one battlefields in Belgium for a week. During this trip he is going to Waterloo for a day. So our battle will have to wait. Hopefully he will see the battlefield and realise that history cannot be denied.

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