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Thursday, 27 October 2011

With your shield, or on it !

Tuesday evening was the continuation of our "Gears of War" campaign. Ross,Peter, Gareth and myself prepared to defeat the locust horde... except it didn't work out that way.
Game one was close, very very close. Peter actually managed to get his mitts on the WMD we needed to take out the beserker but we were over-run before he could use it.

For the second game we set up the "Horde" scenario, the players must survive wave after wave of enemy attacks.
In a dazzling display of ineptitude, we crashed out in only a couple of turns. Shooting did not work and in melee we just got splattered. It was over in minutes. Time to call it a night!

Which brings me back to the title of this post, we definately came back "on", rather than "with" our shields.  While I still enjoy this game, I wonder how many game nights players can continue to struggle through the same scenarios. We have limited opportunities to play and lots more scenarios (and other games) to get through.
So when do we give up on this one?  Perhaps skip this scenario or take a break and try a different game for a while?   
Come on COGs whats your opinion? 

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