I have evenually got around to creating a blog!

The main topic will be Wargaming.
That includes all kinds of conflict based games such as miniatures based and boardgames. Historical, fantasy and
science fiction may all make an appearance.
Sometimes the "real world" may interfere with this blog and cause non-gaming related posts. Apologies in advance.

DISCLAIMER:- This blog is a work of fiction. The people, places and products depicted are imaginary and bear no resemblance to real people, places or products either living or dead.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Napoleons Triumph

Napoleons Triumph is a boardgame based on the battle of Austerlitz.
The French army led by Napoleon defeated a larger allied force of Austrians
and Russians.
I have spent two game sessions teaching and learning this game.
Two opponents are now ready for battle. Declan and Steve. Now its just a matter of getting the
time to play.

                            A pic of the board setup almost ready to go!
                            The French get to detach a few units at the game start.

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