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Saturday, 3 December 2011

New game club

Friday 2nd December saw the first meeting of a new gaming club.
"Loaded Dice" is based in the Dooneen Center just outside the village of Tempo.
For the first meeting we had eight members. Not bad for first night but we need to expand.

I played a game of "Hold the Line" American War of Independence. We played the "Long Island" scenario when the American forces have to fall back from strong defensive positions before being outflanked.
Dave was commanding the evil British army. Its was Daves first game of HtL and first time looking at this scenario but he still quickly grasped the situation and threw his Light Infantry and Grenadiers at the rebels.

 Due to an aggressive attack throughout the game, The British kept the pressure on and denied the Rebels any chance to disengage. Victory to Dave! A very close game with only a single point/unit difference at the end.

Meanwhile, at another table, Marshal Neigh (Steve) has betrayed his French masters to join the forces of Wellington in another refight of "Waterloo". Glynn was commanding for Bonepart.

This game also came down to a single victory banner. Hougemont, La Haye Saint and Papelotte all changed hands several times during the battle. In the end Steve claimed the victory. (Such a rare event ha!)

On yet another table, the world was reduced to molten slag.

And then "Ca$h n Guns" was played
The evening descended into murder, backstabbing (or shooting) and general skullduggery.
Mike earned the nickname "Chiken liver" by collecting all the "Shame" markers.
Glynn showed his aptitude for patricide and Ross collected bulletwounds.
Pete  "roleplayed" with his hoodie up.
This game is great fun played in the right spirit. We had multiple games to end the evening. All of them a real blast.

So the first night of Loaded Dice was a terrific start. Jan Friday 13th is the next meeting. We need to increase numbers and all types of games are welcome.
You can check our yahoo group here  http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/loadeddice/

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