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Monday, 9 January 2012

Games and more games.

So many things to post. Starting with a slip back to 29/12/11 when Dave made a trip over to mine for an evenings gaming.
First of all I would like to point out that Dave arrived bearing gifts! Home made onion and pepper bhajis.
Top class stuff, gratefully recieved and devoured! Note to self:- get Dave over more often.
  The purpose of the evening was to try out some new games. Forbidden Island, Lost Battles and Fuedo.

Forbidden Island is a co-op game. Players rush around an island collecting treasures before jumping into a helicopter to escape. Not a bad backdrop for a game but add in the major problem that the island is sinking and all of a sudden  things get exciting.
We played three games with increasing difficulty levels each time.
Although the players "Won" each game against the system, each game was close and required planning and a bit of luck to survive.
A good "filler" game and one I would be happy to play again.

Next up was "Lost Battles" but I will hold the details for my next posting which will cover this game and several other battles.

So that brings us to "Fuedo".
Initially I was going to summarise this with "If you have nothing good to say, say nothing" but that might be unfair so I'll try to dig up some positives.
   The box is "pretty". The boards are thick and sturdy and the counters are nicely illustrated, big and thick. Most importantly this game let us constantly quote our favourite lines from Monty Pythons "Holy Grail" movie. This is not a mechanic of the game, just our usual table humour.
This is what I would call a "Mathematics" game. Get the highest value counters next to an opponents lower counters and you win. Not a bad system in itself but add in lots of "fiddly" exemptions, and exemptions to those exemptions all wrapped up in a rulebook which (I hope) suffered in translation, left me uninterested and confused. The entire "medieval" theme seems to be pasted on and the addition of a randomised "teleporting Black Death" felt clunky and arbitrary.
  Most of this is personal opinion and taste so please check this out for yourself. It may appeal to others. Not my "cup of tea".
Overall the evening was a lot of fun. My eldest son joined in for the games and assisted Dave through the Lost Battles refight of Marathon 490BC.
We ended the evening with a few plans for the upcoming "Loaded Dice" club meeting on Friday 13th.
Nice one, and Thanks to Dave for driving all the way up here.

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