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Friday, 6 January 2012

Great "Ancients" Blog

Recently I managed to get my hands on a copy of "Lost Battles" the boardgame. While it was being held hostage under the Xmas tree I had joined http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lostbattles/
This is a terrific group which is approaching 4000 posts!
I started reading from post #1 and have (so far) made it to #2522. The quality of the discussions is excellent although a lot of it is above my understanding, especially the Greek and Latin translations!
But during my browsing I discovered links to several blogs. I will link to some later.
Foremost among these was http://prufrockian-gleanings.blogspot.com/ by a chap named Aaron (Prufrock).
This blog is packed with Ancients articles and many many battle reports. Lots of rulesets are covered including "Lost Battles" and "C&C". Enough reading to keep anyone busy through the long winter nights.  There are lots of fantastic pics of Aarons 15mm(I think) ancient armies.
As Lost Battles is going to take up a lot of my gaming time for the forseeable future I hope to have some blog entries of interest to Prufrock very soon.
So Thanks Aaron for your inspirational efforts and just for you here is a couple of  pics of some 10mm ancients.
(Painted several years ago for a friend in Brussels)

                                             Cue the "Huge Phalanx jokes"

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  1. Very kind of you, sir! Will look forward to hearing how you get on with Lost Battles :)