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Friday, 6 January 2012

Time Warp

Oh Crikey, the holiday season just flew past in a haze of overeating, wrapping paper, visitors and bad TV. Despite some efforts the gaming was a lot less common than planned. But some dice were rolled, cards played and battles lost.
Firstly, Xmas morning, i finally got my grubby mitts on "Lost Battles".
This boardgame has been produced to a very high quality. Components are thick, thick card for the map tiles and counters (of which there are several million;-).  A glossy 70 page rulebook which also covers the "Empire" game (strategic overview of 200 years warfare that focuses on Carthage, Rome, Macedon and Persian empires). The rule book is heavily illustrated with examples and therefore not as daunting as at first glance it would appear.In fact, compared to most miniature/boardgames the rules are elegant and simple.
The "Empire" map is heavy mounted card and a work of art.
Included in the box is a 300 page book by Prof Phil Sabin, Lost Battles, Reconstructing the great clashes of the ancient world. This hefty tome gives a detailed description of all the battles in the game (40 in all) and extensive design notes on the games rules and structures. The full game rules are included which makes this book an ideal purchase for miniature players (although the game can be played with a single paper map with the troops drawn in pencil).
Two heavy six sided dice and some game tokens, topped off with the thoughtfull addition of ziplock bags.
A quick pic of the final result of a battle. Unfortunately I still have not developed my photography skills enough to avoid glare.

The quality of the game is impressive but how will it play?
Stay tuned for more posts!

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