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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Demons in Space Hulk !

I have been very busy painting minis for a Carthaginian army and needed a break for some gaming.
Time to break out the "Old faithful" Space Hulk.

For some time I've been considering my Chaos or Demonic variation to battle against the Grey Knight Terminators that I've collected. I had played a few games with some homebrew rules and although they where fun, the demons lacked enough "Bite". They seemed to be little more effective than genestealers and not worth calling in the specialist demon killers, the Grey Knights, when regular termies could do the job.
So with draft #2 demon rules and Termies from the noble Blood Angels chapter, I set up the board for mission 1 from the 3rd edition mission book.
                                           Sgt Bob Lorenzo inspires his men at the briefing.

The termies advance confidently, covering all approaches they prepare to meet the foe. It soon becomes clear that the foe is something a bit different.
                                           Whooaarr !!! Just look at the claws on her !!!

Up ahead, the forces of chaos gather at vital junctions. Just as the marines prepare to assault these positions, the rearguard falls to the "Hypnotic Glamour" of Slanesh daemonettes! With demons attacking from behind the squad must throw everything into an attack.
                                           Out-numbered, out-flanked and out-of-luck.
                                           Sgt Bob leads by example !

The chaos forces have  built up to levels that cannot be stopped by a few marines. Screaming blasphemies, they hurl themselves at the termies. In seconds the flamer marine is the only man still standing, with his last few drops of napthalene, he secures a narrow corridor and turns to make a "Last stand".
                                                    I want my mammy!

With only a powerfist to rely on, the last marine is torn to pieces by the horde of monsters.
Although a loss for the marines, this mission had worked just as I wanted. The demons had proved very difficult for the termies to deal with. The "Hypnotic Glamour" of the demonettes had worked well, acounting for two marines. The bloodletters had finished the rest. The pink horrors had not really been needed and were unable to test their "Blue horrors" special ability.
Time to try a different mission with a few more marines!


  1. what kind of special rules were you using for the demons?

    1. Hi, I was using my own rules for demons. If you want I could post them here.