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Friday, 10 February 2012

Operation "Cleanse"

 For this second test I picked the "Cleanse" mission. Not one of my favourites but at twice the size of mission #1 and with ten marines, it should work ok.
 The terminators have two target rooms to destroy and the baddies get two blips per turn. Its important for the marines to push forward before the chaos forces can gather numbers.
                                                      Mission #2 Operation "Cleanse"
                                                       aka "Another suicide mission"
                                           Target rooms Alpha and Bravo. Blow crap outta!
                                            Estimate success 0%  Estimate casulties 100%
                                             "The Emperor is watching!"

                       As the Blood Angels advance the chaos forces keep pace on the flanks.
               A few Demonettes are spotted at the rear of the formation but are despatched before
            they can "dance" and use the Hypnotic Glamour ability.

  As the terminators approach the first junction they decide to "overwatch" the right flank. With interlocking fields of fire backed by an assault cannon. The main attack will push through on the left.
As per standard operating procedure, the flamer armed marine will lead the way.
                                                           "Anyone for toasties?"

 The main force push through and past the room on the left. Sgt Bob Gideon takes up a blocking position to stop the demons reinforcing this flank. The flamer marine and support are closing in on the first objective room.
 All this time, the demons have been growing in number. Most rush forward on the right flank to get ahead of the termies but back at the first junction a few Pink Horrors surge to the attack.
One of the monsters dodges through a hail of bullets and reaches the assault cannon marine. The crossfire finally kills the beast but as it is blown apart, "Blue Horrors" (Demon ability) spill from the ruined corpse and grab the heavy weapon specialist. Kicking and screaming, "Bob Leon" is dragged into the warp.
                                                                  "Aww crap!"

  Almost instantly, the terminators defensive perimeter collapses. Back at the entrance area, the rearguard are overwhelmed by the seductive demonettes. Without the benefits of a crossfire, the first junction is rapidly lost to the chaos forces.
 The lead marines are not far from the target, if Sgt Bob Gideon can only hold his position for a few moments! With his Thunderhammer and Forceshield he prepares to fight.
 The first opponent is a Pink Horror. The Sgt smashes it into pieces but again the warp rips open and a mass of blue horrors swarm over the marine. Still swinging the hammer, Bob is dragged into an eternity of living hell. (Nice :-)

Now only the foremost three marines survive, Bob the Flamer, Bob and Sgt Bob Lorenzo. With demons on all sides the situation is dire. But marines never give in! So with a lucky draw of six command points, they immoliate the left target room and, back to back, await the finale.
                                                        "For the Emperor !"
                                               ("Who is actually a jolly good chap,
                                                     once you get past the whole
                                                  "Thousand souls a day" thing!")
                                                              Splat, splat and splat!
                                                     "Game over man..... game over!"

 Even though the Blood Angels lost this game they had come very close to that second target and the game was exciting right up to the end. This game was the Pink Horrors chance to shine. The "Blue Horrors" ability made two vital kills at exactly the right times.
  I think that my demon rules are pretty spot on but just in case, the Blood Angels are going to attempt another mission.

PS. Many years ago I met a Warhammer 40K player with a huge army of Ultramarines, he had given each and every one of them a name. Not to be outdone, I immediately named all of my marines.
Bob.  All of them! In the background "Fluff" of the 40K universe, Space marines are all clones, so this works for me ;-)

PPS.  Sgt Bob Gideon and Bob the Assault Cannon marine have never lived up to expectations. Gideon usually gets killed in his first or second fight (even on "Guard"), and Leon's cannon seems to malfunction (usually exploding and killing half his buddies) more often than not.
 Its only a run of bad luck but starting to be an ongoing joke around these parts.
Oh well !  On with the next mission.

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