I have evenually got around to creating a blog!

The main topic will be Wargaming.
That includes all kinds of conflict based games such as miniatures based and boardgames. Historical, fantasy and
science fiction may all make an appearance.
Sometimes the "real world" may interfere with this blog and cause non-gaming related posts. Apologies in advance.

DISCLAIMER:- This blog is a work of fiction. The people, places and products depicted are imaginary and bear no resemblance to real people, places or products either living or dead.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Back to the games!

Time to return to the real reason for this blog,  Games.
In particular, my all time favourite game of any type.
Space Hulk.
 Since the first release in 89 I have loved this game.
I still have the 96 edition and two copies of the latest and probably last 09 edition.
Although this is a two player game I have trawled the web and found some homebrewed solo rules.
I have adapted and playtested some of these and now have a card driven system for the genestealers.
Not perfect but getting there.
Also working on rules for Grey Knights versus demon scenarios.
In the near future I will post links to some of the best Space Hulk stuff.
For now a few pics...
Terminator Chaplain Bob.

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