I have evenually got around to creating a blog!

The main topic will be Wargaming.
That includes all kinds of conflict based games such as miniatures based and boardgames. Historical, fantasy and
science fiction may all make an appearance.
Sometimes the "real world" may interfere with this blog and cause non-gaming related posts. Apologies in advance.

DISCLAIMER:- This blog is a work of fiction. The people, places and products depicted are imaginary and bear no resemblance to real people, places or products either living or dead.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

It's getting crowded around here.

A big welcome to Declan.
Declan introduced me to this:-
Still not sure if I should Thank him or sue him.
It is a great game but requires a lot of concentration. Played three times and always ended up with a headache.

Declan loves his sports and especially football, so just for you...

OK its the wrong kind of football, hope this makes up for it...

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