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Monday, 17 October 2011

C&C Napoleonics.

Over the last few months  Steve and I have been working our way through the C&C Napoleonics scenario book.  We have kept a tally of victory banners (In the Book of Grudges) with Steve playing as the French.
Sadly this Bonepartist lackey has built up a massive lead and was 19 points ahead with only 5 games to play. Today the battles continued...
1st up Salamanca the right flank
In this game both British flanks advanced and destroyed the French forces for little loss. 6-1 to Wellington.
Next the battle of Garcia Hernandez. British cavalry catch and destroy a French rearguard. 6-0 in victory banners.
Finally we played "Combat at Aire" and yet again the redcoats took the glory. 6-2
So a complete change of fortune and we go into the last two battles with the French lead reduced to 4 points.
"Guerre,sanguin guerre!"
If he had any hair under that beret, it would fall out in shame!

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