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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Battle of Raphia 217BC

On Saturday night a horde of gamers descended on the townland of Dooneen to refight the battle of Raphia.
The evening was organised and hosted by Declan, and attended by Dave, Mike, Arthur,Peter, Ross (official photographer),myself and my two eldest sprogs, Glynn and Rhodri.(names have been changed to protect the innocent)
The rules used to decide the battle were Command & Colors Ancients Epic.
This ruleset allowed us to fight the battle twice in one evening, both times to a very close and exciting finish. Its also worth pointing out that both battles had a result almost exactly "Historically accurate".Four players per side and a referee to keep things moving.
Initial Deployment from the Seleucid view.
The battle of Raphia was fought in 217BC between the armies of Antiochus III (Seleucids) and Ptolemy IV (Ptolemaic). For this refight we used 20mm plastic figures from the collections of Arthur, Declan and myself. Some figures may not have been historically correct but the games looked great.
As in many "classic" ancient battles, both armies attacked strongly on their right flank and a final descision was reached by the clash of infantry in the center.
In both our refights the armies attacked strongly on their right flanks and refused or defended on the left. Both games were won by the Ptolemiacs. The first game had only a 2 or 3 point difference and the second game was decided by a single point.
A few moments:-
"Ptolemy" Pete swears to win or die fighting.

Ross confirms how much sugar in his tea.(possibly)
Seleucid pre-battle huddle.
Ptolemaics on left, view from their right flank.
Ptolemaic right flank advances.
The two games lasted four and a half hours, considering the teabreaks, smokebreaks and high level of chat and trashtalking, thats pretty good going. The Command & Colors system worked very well for the games. A few times "Command" cards were difficult to get and of course periods of terrible dice rolling afflicted both sides but thats all part of the experience and helps to simulate the Fog of War.

Many Thanks to Declan for hosting and I'm sure that everyone is looking forward to the next one.

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  1. Yeah this was a great evening. The C&C rules are great for quick play. I was chuffed that we managed to get two games in in the time we had.