I have evenually got around to creating a blog!

The main topic will be Wargaming.
That includes all kinds of conflict based games such as miniatures based and boardgames. Historical, fantasy and
science fiction may all make an appearance.
Sometimes the "real world" may interfere with this blog and cause non-gaming related posts. Apologies in advance.

DISCLAIMER:- This blog is a work of fiction. The people, places and products depicted are imaginary and bear no resemblance to real people, places or products either living or dead.

Thursday, 2 April 2020

The Men Who Would Be Kings TMWWBKs

For miniatures games I prefer rules that are simple,fast and give me a good game experience.
I have been a fan of the "Rampant" series by Daniel Mersey since I first played Lion Rampant, now I own "Lion(Medieval),Dragon (Fantasy), Rebels & Patriots(AWI, FIW etc)"and now" TMWWBKs (Colonial).I also own his "Dux Bellorum" rules.(Totally different rules system but still excellent).

Rebels & Patriots is the most played of these, due to massive AWI collection, so I was keen to get a look at this (new to me) book.
 The "Rampant" series uses a single mechanic tweaked to reflect the period represented. For example, two "hits" are required to "kill" a figure shooting in R&P but only one in TMWWBKs making firing a lot more deadly and changing game-play massively.
When you consider that most Colonial "Tribal" armies have little to no ranged abilities it presents a whole new set of tactical problems for the player to overcome.

The game uses D6s (sometimes a handful of them). Basing is very flexible. Units are 8-12 Cavalry and 12-16 Infantry.

A large number of army lists and scenarios are available and the book includes a basic "solo" variant.

Thursday, 26 March 2020


Second batch of painting.
Again all Perry miniatures.

Bashi Buzuks

Egyptian Troops

Beja Warriors on Camels.

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Back ?

So.... a mere eight years from the last post.
Still gaming but just didn't bother with the blog.
So whats changed ?
Lock-down, isolation, quarantine or whatever you call it.

Also since Xmas I have ben working on a new war game genre,  The Sudan 1880s and after.
After posting on a Facebook page  the posts, which had been kindly reviewed,soon disappeared from view taking my photos with them.
So it will be more efficient to host the photos and game reports here and link to the FB page.

So without further ado,  some figs!!!

                    Perry miniatures metal and plastics.
                   Buildings/terrain scratchbuilt.